Who We Are

Healthcare Network Staffing is a collaborative medical staffing program developed to create a ring of support for all those serving throughout the Georgia healthcare system – from nurses and patients to our partnering facilities. Founded by leadership with over 30 years of medical industry experience, our team creates relationships and opportunities that allow all of our partners to thrive.

During his 25 years at HRP Nursing Service Inc, including 15 years as president, Chip Barbee saw an opportunity for improvement in the personal and professional lives of colleagues and friends in the healthcare industry. Empowered by the ability to work when and where desired, he saw flexible work opportunities and highly-supportive benefits as the key to creating the ideal work/life balance for those working in the healthcare field. Those ideals have allowed Healthcare Network Staffing to create a trusted network of healthcare professionals and to provide medical personnel with employment opportunities throughout the United States.

Medical staff and partnering facilities can rely on Healthcare Network Staffing to provide the following:

Around-the-clock assistance from staffing coordinators to assist staff and the facility needs

Flexible scheduling with next-day pay (Monday through Saturday)

Partnerships offering staff competitive pay and quality assignments

Urgent 24/7 staffing-need fulfillment for partnering facilities

Healthcare Network Staffing is honored to serve the hard-working nurses and medical facilities within the state of Georgia.

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